We all like a treat now and then, so Makro's wide variety of chocolate will suit whatever you're in the mood for, with everything from Kit-Kats to Mars bars. Our catering size packs and wholesale value prices allow you to buy in bulk which make them perfect for people looking to stock up their corner shops or sweet shops. However, this great value also makes them perfect for use at home, so buy from Makro on-line today and get your chocolate delivered fast, straight to your door. Remember you DON'T need a Makro card to shop on-line and you get FREE delivery when you spend over £100.

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Belcolade White Chocolate 1kg

Belcolade White Chocolate 1kg£6.15

Bolero Cocoa Wafer Sticks 400g

Bolero Cocoa Wafer Sticks 400g£2.59

Terry's Twilight Mint Chocolate 1.56kg

Terry's Twilight Mint Chocolate 1.56kg£13.62

Lichfields Chocolate Orange Crisps 1kg

Lichfields Chocolate Orange Crisps 1kg£7.79

Mars Std 48 x 51g

Mars Std 48 x 51g£20.15

Galaxy Chocolate Bar  24x42g

Galaxy Chocolate Bar 24x42g£11.63

Belcolade Milk Chocolate Drops 1kg

Belcolade Milk Chocolate Drops 1kg£6.15

M&M's Peanut  24's

M&M's Peanut 24's£13.07

Milky Way Magic Stars  1X36

Milky Way Magic Stars 1X36£18.59

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Page 2 of 6:    53 Items