Disposable Cutlery

Disposable cutlery is great for parties or catering events when you need large quantities of cutlery. If you buy your disposable cutlery from Makro, you will have saved a fortune with our low cost wholesale value prices. So buy from Makro on-line today and get your order delivered straight to your door. Remember you DON'T need a Makro card to shop on-line and you get FREE delivery when you spend over £100.

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Chef's Larder 200 Teaspoons

Chef's Larder 200 Teaspoons£3.59

Chef's Larder 100 Dessert Spoons

Chef's Larder 100 Dessert Spoons£3.59

Chef's Larder 100 Forks

Chef's Larder 100 Forks£3.59

Chef's Essentials 250 Plastic Forks

Chef's Essentials 250 Plastic Forks£2.39

Chef's Larder 100 Knives

Chef's Larder 100 Knives£3.59

Compost Me Wooden Forks x100

Compost Me Wooden Forks x100£3.35

Compost Me Wooden Spoons x100

Compost Me Wooden Spoons x100£3.35

Compost Me Wooden Knives x100

Compost Me Wooden Knives x100£3.35

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Page 1 of 3:    20 Items