Disposable Tableware

Whether you’re throwing a party, special occasion or catering event then disposable tableware will play a vital part. The essentials that you must have at all parties are cups, bowls and cutlery. At any event where food and drink are served, these products will always be needed. The beauty with plastic plates, plastic cups and our other disposables is that once they have been used, you can simply throw them away, saving time and effort in the clean-up after the party. No store card required to shop online and next day delivery available.

Disposable Cups

including paper & plastic cups

Disposable Plates & Bowls

including paper & plastic tableware

Disposable Cutlery

including wooden cutlery

Disposable Napkins

including 1 & 2 ply napkins

Disposable Table Covers

including banquet rolls & slipcovers