Kitchenware is vital in many situations. Whether you are simply cooking for you and your family at home and need a small number of pans to tackle a variety of situations then Makro will have exactly what you need. However, Makro can equally cater to people who are looking to buy more precise pans for specific jobs or to buy special kitchen utensils to be used in a restaurant. These types of kitchenware are more at home in a commercial setting as they have been tested to high standard, restaurant quality tests which give them their pedigree to belong in a commercial kitchen. However, now that these products are on-line and are still at fantastic prices, you at home can now enjoy their benefits. You could be cooking with the same high quality equipment that the best chefs use. Remember you DON'T need a Makro card to shop on-line and you get FREE delivery when you spend over £60.

Catering Equipment

including drinks chillers & tea urns

Sauce & Condiments

including tomato sauce, brown sauce & mayonnaise

Portion Packs

including jam, honey & breakfast cereal


including ceramic tableware & metal cutlery

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Pro Chef Chafing Dish  9 Litre

Pro Chef Chafing Dish 9 Litre£27.59