Business Supplies

This service is no longer available.

If you would like a copy invoice, return goods or discuss issues from a previous purchase, please CONTACT US using this form

If you are a business or self employed you are eligible for a FREE Booker/Makro Card via

You will need the following information:-

Personal photographic ID of the card holder along with 1 of the following:

• V.A.T. Certificate
• Certificate of incorporation from Companies House
• Copy of business bank account statement
• Copy of Charity Registration Certificate• OFSTED Certificate of Education

• Recent correspondence from HMRC (Inland Revenue)
• Copy of a recent business tax assessment

Police, NHS, Ambulance, Armed Forces, Council or Government
• A letter of authority from your line manager printed on official letter headed paper

If your organisation is not registered you will need to complete an in-store registration.

If you already have a Makro / Booker card, you can continue to use as normal.

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