Keeping Catering Equipment Clean

Tuesday, 9 December 2014  |  Makro

Keeping commercial kitchens clean is always a challenge. Busy commercial kitchens can be put through a lot of punishment over the course of a typical day, so it's far from easy to maintain certain basic hygiene standards. Nevertheless, thorough cleaning is absolutely essential in order to maintain those basic standards. Stringent legislation is in place to ensure certain standards of safety and hygiene are upheld in commercial kitchens. Not only can failure to meet these standards result in damage to both reputation and thereby profitability - it can also result in offenders being landed with severe fines. It therefore makes good business sense to keep catering equipment clean.Common kitchen blindspots

Every so often, you'll need to clean your catering equipment thoroughly. Deep cleaning can help to ensure that hygiene standards are met, which in turn can prevent the spread of disease, pest infestation and bacterial contamination. If, however, you're to keep commercial kitchen catering equipment properly clean, you'll need to make sure you have the right items in your toolkit. Here, then, are a few essentials you shouldn't be without when cleaning catering equipment.

Deep fat fryer cleaner

It should go without saying that deep fat fryers are particularly difficult to keep clean. Substantial amounts of grease and grime can soon build up, and this in turn can have a detrimental impact on the taste of food prepared using the fryer. This is why you need to make sure you have a good deep fat fryer cleaner - such as CleanPro+ Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner - to hand. Cleaning deep fat fryers can be a time-consuming task, but a quality deep fat fryer cleaner can make it much easier to get rid of any build-up. However, you should take care when using deep fat fryer cleaner to ensure that no chemicals are inadvertently allowed to mingle with cooking oil when refilled.


Tough and stubborn stains can soon start to build up in any commercial kitchen environment. Removing oily and greasy deposits can therefore be hard work unless you've got the right tools to help you with the job. A good degreaser - like CleanPro+ Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser - can make the task far less strenuous. In order to obtain best results, you'll need to make sure you give your degreaser enough time to work properly. Soak surfaces for around ten minutes or perhaps a bit more before attempting to wipe any stains away. This should provide for enough time for the chemicals in your degreaser to get to work effectively.

Dishwasher and glasswasher detergent

There are always plenty of dishes, mugs and glasses to clean in any commercial catering environment. It stands to reason, therefore, that you'll need a decent dishwasher and glasswasher detergent to help you get through the load. Make sure you use only quality dishwasher and glasswasher detergents, such as CleanPro+ Automatic Dishwasher Detergent and CleanPro+ Automatic Glasswasher Detergent. If you're economical about it, you should be able to make your dishwasher and glasswasher detergent last for some time before you need to replace them.

Rinse aid

A quality rinse aid is also useful when it comes to leaving your dishes, mugs and glasses with a pristine, sparkling finish. Finding a good rinse aid - CleanPro+ Automatic Rinse Aid, for example - shouldn't be too much trouble. Detergent residues, food and limescale can all get stuck to dishes and glasses, leaving behind unattractive and prominent stains. Rinse aid can help to clear these residues away with a minimum of fuss.

Beer line cleaner

Keeping beer lines clean is also an essential part of good pub or bar management. Regular beer drinkers know the difference between beer which has been stored, handled and served properly and that which hasn't - this can have a significant impact on your business, because they'll go elsewhere for their beer if they're not happy with what you're offering them. A quality beer line cleaner can make it far easier for you to clean your beer lines safely and effectively. That's why you should pick up a beer line cleaner like CleanPro+ Beer Line Cleaner.