How to clean your windows like a professional

Monday, 27 April 2015  |  Makro

How to clean your windows like a professional

Window cleaning is a dreaded chore for many people. Tiresome scrubbing and a streaky finish, despite your best efforts, prompt many people to pay a professional. Though this can be costly and in fact there are a few simple tricks and tools that’ll leave your windows sparkling clean!

Over time dust and dirt naturally accumulate on window panes - as they do everywhere in the household - and so ideally your windows need a thorough clean, inside and out, twice a year. Though you can enjoy the fruits of your labours for longer with a few extra considerations.

Busy family homes can feel messy again the moment you finish cleaning! Children and pets are the usual culprits for leaving prints and marks on window panes and so, between big cleans, give the inside of the glass a quick wipe down to minimise the amount of finger prints and smears. The Vax Grime Master S4 is a fantastic all-round cleaning tool and it’ll make light work of these touch ups.

Blocked or leaky guttering can also lead to mucky windows. An overflowing drain will splash dirty water onto the glass, undoing all your hard work cleaning. Tennis balls, fallen leaves and spells of particularly bad weather might clog or damage guttering, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your drains to make sure you’re not caught out.

Pollen and dust from trees and shrubbery are also something to bear in mind - particularly during the summertime. Keep foliage trimmed back away from the house to avoid the extra dirt.

It’s commonly thought that rain water dirties windows, but this isn’t technically true. Windows that need cleaning will look worse when it rains; but this is because the water moves existing dirt around, leaving spots and streaks that stay put when the glass dries again, not because the rain itself is unclean.

One of the most common ‘tricks’ when it comes to window cleaning is to use newspaper to buff the glass for a streak free finish. This is preferable to using a cloth, as these can leave behind bits of lint, and can be quite effective; though there is always the potential for the print to smudge onto the pane or surround and it requires a lot of scrubbing. One alternative is to use paper coffee filters as they’ll give you the same gleaming, lint-free result without the risk of ink smudges - though it’ll still take some elbow grease!

A solution of vinegar and water is also often recommended as a chemical free alternative for cleaning glass and windows. Vinegar is renowned for its natural cleaning properties, and certainly has its merits as a more eco-friendly option, though for removing tough grease and dirt it sadly isn’t as effective as a professional cleaning product.

The best way to clean windows is with a squeegee and a micro fibre cloth. This requires a few good quality tools - but really will deliver outstanding results!

For our expert cleaning method you will need:

Step 1

If your exteriors are looking particularly splattered it’s a good idea to rinse off the worst of the dirt with a sponge and some warm soapy water - a quick blast with the hosepipe might also do the trick!

Step 2

Give the pane a generous spritz with your cleaning solution.

Step 3

Then, holding the rubber blade firmly against the glass, run the squeegee across the width of the window, starting at the top and working your way downwards.

N.B. It’s a good idea to overlap your strokes slightly for an even, streak-free finish.

Step 4

In-between each stroke, use one of your microfiber cloths to dry the squeegee blade.

Step 5

Once you’ve covered as much of the window as possible with the squeegee, finish any too-hard-to-reach corners or edges with the second microfiber cloth.