The Essential Guide To Cleaning Soft Furnishings & Wooden Surfaces

Wednesday, 10 December 2014  |  Makro

Have you ever tried cleaning marble with a regular store-bought cleaning product? Alternatively, have you ever tried wiping a plasma TV screen with a multi-surface spray and a dust cloth? If you're guilty of these cleaning crimes, then this guide is for you - as we'll highlight common mistakes made when cleaning, as well as how to rectify them.Surfaces that are easily damaged by cleaning

Just as every material has its own unique finish, so does every surface require its own delicate touch - literally. That's why certain cleaning products are developed specifically in order to complement the surface it is being used on (with different chemicals comprising their own cleaning properties, clothes having varying levels of abrasiveness etc). While the majority of furnishings can be maintained with a standard dust cloth, it's important to bear in mind that the more fragile the surface, the more attentive you should be when cleaning it.


Perfecting your furniture polish

Many people are under the misconception that the more product used, the better the results - but sometimes it only takes a little to make a huge difference. In the case of furniture polish, a spray is recommended as it covers a wider surface area - allowing you to evenly apply the cleaning product.

A favourite amongst businesses, the Clean Pro Furniture Polish is ideal for use in the workplace - known for being a highly effective remedy in delivering a glossy finish on a variety of hard surfaces. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of a furnishing, it also helps to protect the surface - while also leaving a pleasant lavender fragrance. From using on computer desks to cleaning telephones, its multi-purpose qualities makes it a convenient cleaning solution across a number of different surfaces.

When cleaning wooden surfaces, it's advised to vacuum with a dusting brush attachment (enabling you to gentle remove dust from any surfaces - reducing the risk of buildup). Temperature can especially play havoc with wooden furnishings, and any factors such as dampness or heat can seriously damage the furniture (while leaving them exposed to sunlight can discolour the furniture). Avoid the use of rubber or plastic mats as these could stain the finish (unless stated that it is safe to use) - and any spills should be cleaned up there and then to prevent spots from forming. In terms of oil finishes, enlist the assistance of an expert as they will know which surfaces are complemented by their respective cleaning products (including lacquer furniture or even painted furniture).

Removing stains successfully

While it's easy enough to quickly wipe down a dry surface and buff it until it's clean, removing stains is slightly harder - with many resorting to trying to minimise the damage by using home remedies. But with these involving varying temperatures of water to getting the mixtures wrong (whether it's failing to recognise water-soluble stains to using the wrong measurements of cleaning agent), it's much simpler to use a universal stain removal resource.

One such product that is particularly efficient is the Clean Pro+ Stain Remover - designed to tackle difficult stains on carpet and upholstery. Combatting spillages and soiling, this is both an extremely cost and environmentally-friendly product - as it is free from bleaching agents and aggressive solvents, making it safe to use across most fabrics. And whatever the odour of the spillage or stain, you can rest assured that this will be eradicated thanks to the product's fresh fragrance.

Keeping it 'neutral'

Having a clean workspace isn't just about furnishings being free from stains - having a clean scent is also just as important. Working in an environment where body odours or the smell of certain foods is prevalent can be hugely off-putting for co-workers, distracted by how bad the smells can be (not to mention creating a poor first impression for guests visiting the workplace). However, having fresh scents doesn't just have to apply to the atmosphere - it's also a good idea to use on furniture that get used on a regular basis (such as chairs).

A professional and hygienic cleaning product that works in the air as well as on soft furnishings and fabrics, the Clean Pro+ Odour Neutraliser Ready to Use H20 encapsulates the odour and replaces with a floral scent - and as it's available in spray form, this allows you to apply it quickly and in large open spaces for more effective results. To encourage the air flow, it's a good idea to open windows so you can benefit from pleasant fragrances as well as fresh air.

Clean from top to bottom

Visible stains are usually spotted within our eye-line - from raised tables to tall cabinets etc. But it's easy to forget about what's not in our immediate vision, such as ceilings and floors. This can be extremely dangerous if a spillage isn't noticed, resulting in a potential health and safety issue; so when cleaning premises, ensure that every surface - not just furniture - is cleaned.

Hard floor surfaces are usually the material of choice for floors, as stains can be easily swept and mopped (compared to dirt being engrained in carpet fibres, taking longer and being much more difficult to remove). However, maintaining its shine can be difficult - from using the wrong cleaning technique to being unsure what product (as well as how much of the product) to use. A well-known floor cleaning agent is the Clean Pro+ Floor Polish H24 - to be used in mopping surfaces including tiles, hardwood, vinyl or even laminate flooring. Providing a high-sheen, hard-wearing finish, this is ideal for providing excellent upkeep of your floors; as its finish offers a scuff and slip-resistant surface - giving you both a shiny and safe floor.

As discussed earlier, maintaining the appearance of carpeted areas can be extremely time-consuming - with these types of stains proving the most demanding to remove. From reacting quickly to prevent the stain from spreading to rubbing too much, there are a multitude of aspects to consider when successfully lifting the stain. Thankfully there's a single fix for this common problem - as part of the professional range by Clean Pro+, the Clean Pro+ Carpet Cleaner for Extraction Cleaning uses a low-foaming formulation without the worry of excess waste. No matter how strong the stain is, this floor cleaning product is fact-acting and is suitable for both water-resistant and colourfast fabrics.

Maintaining a good 'condition'

So far we've covered keeping up good appearances in terms of furnishings - but in industries where uniform dress code is adhered to (such as hospitals and catering), especially when there are masses of employees, it's imperative to be able to wash clothes quickly to the highest of standards (due to these sectors being people-facing, and therefore presenting themselves well at all times).

The Concentrated Fabric Conditioner from Clean Pro is extremely effective at cleaning linen - helping to keep fabrics fresh for long periods whilst also making ironing simpler. In industries where a high turnover of employees as well as equipment (eg clothing) is commonplace, having a fast turnaround is critical in order to keep up with the high demands - and with this conditioner stocked in 5 litre quantities, you can guarantee that you'll be well-stocked no matter how many loads need washing.

Cleaning accessories

With regular upkeep practised in the workplace environment (due to being used on a daily basis), while it's important that furnishings are cleaned with care, time constraints can be an issue when cleaning large workspaces - which is why any cleaning equipment used must be made from quality materials, so it can deliver maximum results in minimum time.

Quite often, the surfaces in a workplace tend to be similar (especially in large offices where employees share the same type of desks and computers) - which is why dusters are typically used when cleaning. They can be used either dry or damp to simplify cleaning tasks, whilst also minimising the handling of water and chemicals. Used by numerous professional cleaning companies, Clean Pro Dusters can be applied on a number of surfaces - including kitchen worktops, cabinets and even TVs.

A little goes a long way

As previously mentioned, due to the high quality of these cleaning products, you can afford to be liberal in your usage - often applying a small amount to cover huge surfaces whilst getting great results. Change your dusting cloths on a regular basis so as to not let dirt accumulate (as well as spread germs), especially when in a large workforce (where diseases can spread easily and quickly).

While cleaning on a regular basis is obviously important for the upkeep, it's a good idea to practise a deep clean every other month to ensure furniture remains at its aesthetic best - while ensuring furniture remains functional (swivel chairs, folding tables etc). And as always, when cleaning - remember: it's about the quality, not the quantity; so save yourself the hard work in buying low quality products and repeating your cleaning tasks, when you can invest in excellent care products and enjoy superior results each and every time.